11 decisions that have made Capitec the best bank on the planet

By Colin Iles

In this post, I take a look at the 11 decisions Capitec have taken to catapult them from challenger bank to being recognised as the ‘best bank on the planet’.

I also expose the two ingredients, which have been foundational to their success.

And finally, the beauty is that as leaders, we can replicate their approach in our businesses.

Capitec – The Best Bank on the Planet?

Let’s start by laying out Capitec Bank’s credentials. For a bank that only came into existence in 2001, they are impressive.

Firstly they are now recognised as having the second largest customer base in South Africa.

Secondly, their stock price has grown exponentially compared to their main competitors.

Thirdly, they have been voted the ‘best bank on the planet‘ by the Lafferty Group for the second year running (see link for the full report).

11 Decisions that have helped them succeed

In a previous post, I asked why some companies consistently make better decisions than their competitors with seeming ease? I’ve highlighted 11 examples that strongly suggest Capitec know the answer.

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