2018's Key Customer Experience Trends - and How They Impacted CX Strategies

By Neil Davey

What trends characterised the world of customer experience management in 2018, and how did they shape CX strategies?

The customer experience is a more important consideration than ever before for today’s businesses.

Research by Engage Hub, for instance, indicates that organisations cite improving the customer experience as among their biggest priorities. In a survey of cross-industry customer experience decision-makers, 65% of c-level executives rank improving customer experience as the most important overall business objective, even above net profit and revenue growth.

Little wonder that software vendors continue to align themselves and their offerings with customer experience management.

Yet despite this growing focus, the standards of experience being delivered are stagnating, with organisations struggling to align digital transformation with their CX strategies. Elsewhere, new data privacy regulations are forcing organisations to re-evaluate how they obtain customer insight.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the trends and technologies that have characterised the past 12 months in the world of CX, and examine how they have influenced customer experience management strategies and performance.

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Author: Neil Davey is the managing editor of MyCustomer. An experienced business journalist and editor, Neil has worked on a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites over the past 15 years, including Internet Works, CXO magazine and Business Management. He joined Sift Media in 2007.