"A highly professional, inspiring and motivating day for us"

Attendee testimonial

We attended the Customer World Experience on 14th May 2019 at Heathrow. 

We were honoured to have such exemplary speakers on this subject asbelow and to have the opportunity to ask questions and work with other likeminded businesses. 

We were pleased to identify that we are getting some things right but there is still a lot for us to do. The key message of the day is that if we get the right people working for us and we develop and look after them well, they will treat our customers well. There were many takeaways for us but some of the key ones were:

  • Understanding your customers as people
  • Consider more fluid organisation structure
  • Set our website to each customer segment and needs
  • Get to know your people
  • Know what it’s like on the front line
  • Take 5 with people – what can I do to make your life easier today?
  • Random acts of kindness – surprise your staff (desk drops etc.)
  • Solve problems and fast
  • Give positive feedback regularly but specifically
  • Celebrate victories
  • Celebrate mistakes (learn from them!)
  • Fanatics in each area for customer service – people who understand how their area impacts the customer
  • ‘In the know’ with Jo
  • Spotlight – 11am on Tues – 8 mins – highlight some great things that people have done
  • My time – 121 can be a walk, coffee, chat, more formal – employee decides
  • Fearless leaders session – mid managers get together every quarter to stress how important their role is in leading their teams. Have speakers. Share results and improvements. Build a management community and be collaborative
  • No repercussions and safe environment for people
  • Allow your people to put things right for customers – give them the autonomy (within reason)
  • Tough love – quick exits for those not with us

A highly professional, inspiring and motivating day for us. 

Kate Fogg
Human Resources Manager
Welcomm Communications Ltd