A Letter from PX Academy’s President

By Janet Biedron

As a former CEO and Registered Nurse, I understand the challenges in achieving the goals to create a patient-centric culture, improving the patient experience metrics of HCAHPS and meeting the requirements of Value-Based Purchasing. 

My innovative work in the early nineties about front-end redesign and my continuing passion for creating a patient-obsessed culture has led me to create a training program for all healthcare providers to understand how to develop a culture of care that goes beyond clinical outcomes.

As Healthcare professionals, we know national healthcare policy continues to be uncertain, government and private payers are increasing the pressure they put on providers to decrease cost while improving safety, quality, and, most recently, patient experience and satisfaction. 

Even digital experiences must account for the human element of patient, family, caregiver, and staff journeys. Innovation and re-design are essential for creating effortless patient experiences. All members of the organization are responsible for achieving this goal and employee engagement and ownership are crucial to creating a culture that values the partnership with patients and families.

As President of PX Academy, a subsidiary of CX University, I am committed to excellence in person-centered care. My view is that everyone must be part of the journey across the continuum of care. Therefore, everyone must understand not only what this means but also how to achieve it.

Drawing from tried and tested processes and models in the business world, PXA offers online courses in Patient Experience that lead to professional certification as a Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™. Anyone who achieves PXS™ status can also opt for six college credits from Montgomery County Community College. Let me finally add that PXA can customize training to meet organizational needs.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further with you how PXA can augment your efforts and energy around the patient experience. Please connect with me at Jbiedron@cxuniversity.com.