Business value and roi of customer experience: the step-by-step guide

Johanna Sinkkonen

Most business leaders believe that customer experience will be the key driver for their company’s competitiveness going forward. However, when it comes to the actual customer experience management, things get difficult.

It is not too difficult to listen to the customer. Companies receive real-time feedback in massive volumes if they only start listening to their customers. Insightful analytics is possible with modern technologies such as machine-learning-based text analytics.

Most organizations, who receive large amounts of customer feedback data, can buy text analytics solutions which help in making sense of the data and transform the chaotic customer voice data into structured info. As a leader, you often know what your customers think about your products and services, and where are the key improvement areas.

And yet still, acting on the customer feedback is hard.

For many companies, it is the hardest part of the whole customer experience management process.

Sometimes this is because of a lack of ownership in the company – when an issue exists because it falls between organizational silos, improving the customer experience requires some extra effort. However, in many cases, organizational silos are not the only reason for not acting on customer feedback.

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