How do you stand out, compete and succeed in a competitive, uncertain, complicated and noisy world?

Get direction back into your customer experience initiatives with Customer Experience World 2020.

CEW2020 Day 1 (B2C) - London, 12 May 2020
CEW2020 Day 2 (B2B) - London, 13 May 2020

Designing and delivering outstanding customer experience in an ultra-competitive, uncertain, complicated and noisy world is hard. Sometimes, it can feel as if you are out in the wilds trying to navigate with a broken compass.

At Customer Experience World 2020 we aim to help you unpick what it means to deliver a stand out customer experience and uncover the clues that will help you define your own path to standing out.

You will hear from leading brands and industry experts who will tell their stories of what they have done to carve out their own unique approach. You will also have access to interactive sessions to help you expand your knowledge and understanding of customer experience in your organisation.
Our practicality is what sets our conference apart from other events.

Secure your place by booking a ticket right now. In fact, why don’t you bring your whole team so you are all set to raise your customer experience game!
CX has become and continues to be a strategic differentiator in the B2B space. A companies ability to retain customers is just as, if not more, important than acquiring new customers. The cost of nurturing customers is generally lower than the cost of acquiring new customers. 

A compelling Customer Experience strategy not only retains but also grows customer loyalty and therefore business revenues. Although this is understood by sales and financial teams in organisations, the ability to drive holistic change across the business from the customers’ viewpoint is still very difficult. The siloed culture of most B2B companies makes cross-functional change difficult. If the people and functions within a business do not work closely and well together, then they are unlikely to be able to deliver a great and consistent customer experience. A fundamental mind shift is needed.

In this event, we will discuss how to understand customers expectations and drive holistic change in the business. Customer centricity and internal collaboration is key in the success of the strategy. You will hear best practices and case studies from B2B CX leaders and practitioners.

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