How To Get The Human Touch And Technology Balance Right In Customer Experience

By Adrian Swiscoe

Recently I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak at the Customer Experience Innovation and Tech Fest in Pretoria, South Africa. There I was talking about the need for firms to take a more sophisticated approach to customer experience that would allow them to strike the right balance between the use of the human touch and technology.

This is something I’ve been musing on and calling for for a couple of years now ever since I wrote the article: The Need To (Re)Consider The Technology And Human Balance In Customer Experience.

It could be argued that nothing much has changed in that time and customers still complain about the lack of the human touch in the experiences that brands are developing. They are also not engaging with the digital and technological tools that brands are developing. At least, at a rate that those brands would like.

This latter idea is supported by data from Voxpro – powered by TELUS International who in a recent survey found that, on average, 68 percent of consumers had not yet used chatbots to get in touch with a brand.

That 68 percent rises to 78 percent for customers aged 65 and older. That’s not really a surprise but it does show that while overall adoption may be slower than many brands would like, younger generations are more willing to engage with automated systems.

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