The Steep Cost of Poor Management (by Tatiana Beale)

How do you feel about your job? Do you love it, hate it, or feel like you’re drifting in neutral? If you’re “checked out,” you’re not alone. According to the latest Gallup workplace research, 50% of today’s employees are disengaged. Another 20% are actively disengaged (in other words, openly miserable). That means 70% of today’s workforce is operating under a cloud! The business implications are staggering. .. Continue Reading

Why Would You Wait to Improve Employee Engagement? (by Jim Rembach)

We all know what is feels like to be a member of a great team. Even if you only experienced it for a short time, you know how fantastic it feels to have strong relationships at work, be stress free, confident, fulfilled, optimistic, and full of gratitude to be a member of a winner. When you feel like you are part of a great team your employee engagement is high. .. Continue Reading

Customer-Obsessed Service (by Becky Carroll)

Social media has pushed customer service to the forefront for many organizations. Responses are often faster in social media than they are in traditional service channels, since social media makes everything extremely visible. .. Continue Reading

Is engagement enough..? (by Rick S. Pulito)

Everyone it seems is focused on engaging some group as a way to perpetuate and grow their business. HR wants to engage the employees, Marketing wants to engage the consumer, Sales wants to engage the channel. But is that enough? I’m not sure it is. .. Continue Reading