Tips for Managing Digital Transformation Strategies

By David Roe

Technology has become such a central part of the overall work experience you can no longer separate it from the people agenda. In order to manage both, look to the promise of new technology and consider what motivates people to adopt new ways of working with tech. It can’t be one or the other. The goal, according to a recent PCW report, is to get beyond titles and delve into attitudes and behaviors. That’s the approach that leads to more relevant communication, rewards, performance and development, the report reads.

Automation will put even more focus on understanding how to create great places for people to work because it will impact just about everyone’s role, job content and decision rights. According to our survey, today’s workforce is overwhelmingly positive about the potential for technology to improve their lives, but they also have concerns about how it can be used. So, how do you get staff to buy into digital transformation strategies, new technology and the digital workplace?

The Key Role Of Leadership

Leadership is key. As with any large-scale or complex organizational change, executive leadership must empower the efficient company-wide transformation. Digital experience without a holistic perspective means portions of the business could be shortchanged.

Victor Tingler, vice president of digital transformation solutions at InterVision, said that the onus doesn’t fall on executive leadership exclusively — IT also bears responsibility. It’s too common for a business to view technology as a burdensome cost rather than an innovation driver. In driving digital transformation to a successful implementation, three impact areas (technology, process and people) play an essential role. 

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