Customer success means business success

Introducing the CEW Innovation Builder Workshop - Results-driven innovation to build your team and grow your business.

A place to start your CX journey

CX is a wide field with a lot of potentials. But where do you start? During the recent CEW 2019 event held in Johannesburg, we did a little experiment. We asked delegates in the growth and innovation session if they found it challenging to find the optimal entry point for them to move their CX efforts forward with the best results at the most affordable investment. 

Most indicated that it is challenging when taking costs and the scope of CX into account. 

CEW is here to help you get more bang for your CX buck while making it possible to test and drive new CX initiatives throughout the organisation. 

Now you can leverage the diversity within your people, customers and even suppliers to innovate and co-create new and exciting CX solutions/initiatives, in only 6 hours. The Innovation Builder Workshop is a results-driven innovation process that helps your team find innovative CX solutions quickly and easily in a process they can repeat time and time again.


See some of the reviews for Johannesburg 2019 here here and some photos and a video overview from the event below.

We believe customer experience done well, benefits customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders, thus amplifying all round success.

Customer Experience World Events has provided 18 years education at the forefront of Customer Experience for executives who want to magnify customer experience while maximising returns. The events provide practitioners and executives with useful, real-world examples of how to scale CX as a competitive advantage for their business. 

Looking forward, designing and delivering an experience that delivers both rational and emotional objectives won’t be a "nice to have", it will be a critical capability to effectively differentiate your products or services.

Our conference content has been developed with the support of leading brands' CX practitioners to ensure that it provides value and cross industries best evidenced practices for those who are looking to start, accelerate, sustain or reboot their programmes. 

Improving the customer experience and validating long term customer and business success, requires the development and implementation of the necessary capabilities.  

CEW2019 is the 1 day premier customer experience event where Practitioners and Consultants, from all over the globe, share their customer success insights, foresights and hindsights. This is a CPD certified event and delegates can expect to learn from a master class as well as keynotes, presentations and case studies.