Chartered Institute of Customer Management

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Chartered Institute of Customer Management is a global customer service and call centre organisation currently represented in three continents through its global implementation and certification partnership network. CICM aims to inspire the achievement of the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of customer service in every international market.

CICM has a knowledgeable and highly experienced team, call centre and customer service experts on a strategic advisory panel and experienced worldwide partnership offering its educational and certification programmes. CICM is leading the field in global best practice in customer service, call centres and service quality. As CICM we built quality partnership and use our operational expertise to create value for our members, students, partners, stakeholders; industry and nations at large.

Besides offering various academic and certification programmes, CICM publishes the monthly journal “The Customer Journal” which is distributed globally with contribution from leading international industry thought leaders, academic and research institutions. Each year CICM rewards leading organisations and individual’s excelling in customer services in Africa through its prestigious Services Excellence Awards.

CICM carries out the National Customer Satisfaction Index in Zimbabwe and across Africa, a customer satisfaction benchmark measure with international comparability and of particular interest to governments, investors, businesses and consumers. The index shows customer satisfaction at national, sector and company level. The index is a proven methodology that has helped countless organisations achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding customers, knowing the competitive landscape and how to compete on a key driver of business performance, namely customer satisfaction.

Our Vision 

“To advance the practice of customer management, develop people, standards,call centre industry, and promote excellence in service delivery.”


  • To promote customer service as a profession and to improve the level of its professionalism through training, assessment, accreditation and certification.
  •  To provide people working directly or indirectly in customer service (Public or Private sector), with the education and professional standards that will enable them to reach their full potential in their chosen field.
  • To develop and promote the International Customer Service Standards which will help organisations develop and sustain a customer ethos through improvements to the design, delivery,quality and effectiveness of customer service strategies, policies and systems
  • To improve knowledge of the components of customer service excellence through research, training and development programmes, publications,awards, and events.
  • To facilitate the exchange of customer service and call centre ideas through Workshops, conferences, forums and monthly discussion groups
  • To advocate and strive to make Customer care more visible and understood by policy makers, other practitioners and the community as a whole
  • To facilitates the participation of continental individual members and corporate entities on the global industry events.
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