SEP 29, OCT 6, 13 & 20



How a tragedy inspired the launch of PX2020 and beyond

The Patient Experience is more than just offering good service and receiving good ratings. It’s about achieving the delivery of CARE in the eyes of patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

The Focus Group’s Patient Experience Event is designed to bring together those who are passionate about, invested in and tasked with improving the Patient Experience – Organizations, Executives, Clinicians, Administrators, Patient Advocates and Healthcare Providers of all backgrounds. 

The inspiration for this conference comes from the very personal experiences of the Directors of The Focus Group, David and Maggie Wheeler. They experienced first-hand how poor communication between healthcare practitioners contributed to the untimely death of their loved one, Michael. His death might have been avoided. At The Focus Group we are aware that when health care professionals and patients have a conversation there is always an exchange of language. 

Unfortunately, communication, where both parties leave with the same understanding of what transpired, does not always happen. Patients may leave feeling their healthcare providers disregarded what they and their family members tried to tell them. In our situation had the nurse and the psychiatrist truly heard what our family was truly saying they may have realized what their patient, Michael, what telling them was not the true situation. They may have been able to take action to prevent the tragedy that followed. As with so many other families, Michael’s death impacted his whole family.

The Focus Group and The Wheelers are now focusing their resources on The Patient Experience to make the unavoidable experience of health care better for patients and for those who choose the path of providing essential services for them. Health care organizations and professionals need to succeed in delivering the Patient Experience. To do so they must re-imagine how to achieve exemplary person-centered care. 

The healthcare landscape continues to rapidly shift. Patients and their families want to be involved in the care of themselves and their family members in ways they choose. They want to be heard. They want their concerns addressed promptly. In essence, they want and need every point of care, every moment of their journey to be incorporated so their healthcare organization can deliver fantastic service. Hospitals, health care organizations, and healthcare providers want to deliver fantastic service while at the same time providing quality clinical outcomes.

Join us for this transformational event where the most influential physicians, MedTech start-ups and health
professionals from across the globe will show you how you can improve your delivery of The Patient Experience to your patients, their families, and your staff so all may experience better CARE when delivering healthcare.

We will explore:

  • Driving service excellence and quality care
  • Achieving cultural transformation at Board Level
  • Employee engagement to improve patient experience. Successful strategies in engaging staff improvement. Accountability: holding yourself and employees accountable to service standards
  • Leadership and HRO’s (High-Reliability Organisation)
  • The future of healthcare.

Through this event, you will gain exposure for your company and enjoy excellent networking opportunities. You will learn which technologies and innovations are improving the patient experience with some of the leading clinics and healthcare providers. Our speakers will inspire you with practical outcome-based thinking methods and you will learn from international thought leaders which innovations they are implementing to improve their healthcare services. Lastly, our vendors will give you excellent opportunities to try new technology solutions which you can take with you to take a step closer to patient experience success.

Read more about Michael’s story and the inquest that followed: