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Re-imagining healthcare through outstanding patient experiences

Join the world’s leading experience experts at PX2020.

You can now join us online for an interactive Live Conference Stream of each part of the event.


*When booking all 4 event series.

The Patient Experience is more than just offering good service and receiving good ratings. It is about providing effective medical treatments through efficient processes, while also attending to the emotional needs of patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

As the commercial sector has mastered the topic of Customer Experience in the past decades, and the public sector is quickly catching up in many countries focusing on Citizen Experience, the health sector can benefit hugely from the learnings and achievements in these other areas. The Focus Group’s Patient Experience Event PX2020 brings those together, who are passionate about this exchange: Organizations, Executives, Clinicians, Administrators, Patient Advocates and Healthcare Providers of all backgrounds.

As a delegate, you will experience a unique mix of learnings and approaches from the commercial and public sector as well as discussion on how they apply to the world of health care. You will also hear from pioneers and thought leaders in the Patient Experience space and take away invaluable input for your individual Patient Experience initiative.

Designed to share, discuss, and apply the best from all industries, sectors, and countries around the globe, the PX2020 virtual conference will offer a unique and efficient opportunity to get a comprehensive PX briefing including strategy, tools, methods, best practices, innovation, as well as concrete application to a variety of settings across the health sector.

The healthcare landscape continues to change rapidly. With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic being one of the largest stress tests for health systems around the globe, future changes will be even faster and more impactful.

This makes today the prime time to take Patent Experience into consideration as we all redesign, strengthen, optimize, and adapt our care infrastructure and processes. Much can be done with no or little investment – more can be achieved efficiently if planned right.

During PX2020 we will explore:

• What are proven strategies and tools available to us from the Customer Experience and Citizen Experience world
• How to drive service excellence and quality care
• How to achieve cultural transformation at the board-level
• How to shift employee engagement to improve patient experience
• Ways to hold employees accountable to service standards
• The role of leadership and in creating High-Reliability Organisations
• What does the future of health care look like?

Hospitals, health care organizations, and healthcare providers want to deliver fantastic service while at the same time providing quality clinical outcomes. At PX2020 we will provide the winning strategies and methods to achieve just that!

Join us for this transformational event where the most influential physicians, MedTech start-ups and health professionals from across the globe will show you how you can improve your delivery of the Patient Experience to your patients, their families, and your staff so all may experience better CARE when delivering healthcare.

Through this event, you will gain exposure for your company and enjoy excellent networking opportunities. You will learn which technologies and innovations are improving the patient experience with some of the leading clinics and healthcare providers. Our speakers will inspire you with practical outcome-based thinking and you will learn from international thought leaders which innovations they are implementing to improve their healthcare services. Lastly, selected solution providers will give you an overview of tools and solutions available to create better patient experiences.

We can’t wait to welcome you at PX2020! Let’s seize the opportunity together!

To accommodate your new work-from-home schedule, PX 2020, THE premier patient experience conference event, will now be coming to you as a 4-part series of 1.5 hours each, hosted over 4 weeks via LIVE CONFERENCE STREAM. 

Join us on:

29 September – Part 1, PX & Culture for care, 
6 October – Part 2, Future of healthcare & the digital experience, 
13 October - Part 3, Designing for experience, 
20 October - Part 4, PX & Critical Communication. 

Live streaming the event gives us the ability to give you so much more, for so much less.

Understanding the event:


  • Understand what Customer Expectations are and How Customer Expectations have changed.
  • Learn how to implement sustainable changes
  • Learn what changes companies have made in Customer Expectation management
  • Learn how to deliver business results during a pandemic.
  • Learn how to utilize internal resources to simply processes
  • Join in the Q&A and get the answers from industry leaders
  • Once provided with the access details a technical support person can assist should you need help
  • Free Capability assessment – this will include helping you to build a deployment plan following the event
  • The events will be recorded, so registered viewers will get a link to the recordings that they can refer back to on any of the sessions
  • Deploy network sources of value
  • CPD Accreditation – Points toward your training & development

What you will need:

  • Register for the event to get your link to the live stream
  • Microphone
  • Internet

We are honoured to have Tribe CX as our deployment partner.

Tribe CX are adding the following benefits for viewers of the Live Stream Conferences:

• A half-day (virtual) work session to either build your CX roadmap or validate your CX roadmap to directly drive business value from participating in the event. They'll be helping participants to leverage/deploy the learning and proven practices from the event and deploy them in their organization. This special benefit is only available to 10 delegates who will be drawn out of a hat at the end of the session - so don't delay registering for the event!
• Participants of the all 4 parts of the series have access to their online CX capability assessment, participants will also get a report benchmarking the readiness of their CX capabilities.
• Access to a session on the current crises for B2B practitioners where they will be able to compare notes with other B2B companies on what they can do to prepare.

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