Inge-Marie Hilligan

Inge-Marie Hilligan

Title: Head of Strategy

Company: Standard Bank CRR

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Game On introduces Inge-Marie Hilligan, head of Strategy and Transformation for Standard Bank CRR, who will present on Game On’s behalf at Customer Experience World on 13 March 2018 in Johannesburg.

Inge-Marie leads the team responsible for transforming the Way of Work for the collections call centre employees and leaders in Standard Bank’s CRR. The WoW transformation journey is driven by an end goal of improved conversations with customers and between people, rooted in a more connected and human at heart Customer Experience and Employee Experience.

Game On Performance Solutions have been pivotal to this WoW journey, implementing coaching and accountability as a way of work. Using knowledge learning modules, supported by on-the-job performance monitoring entrenched through leadership coaching, the behavioural change and performance improvement of people has already resulted in a significant positive impact on measureable Customer Experience indicators.

Inge-Marie will share the problem that sparked the birth of the WoW journey, the performance solutions crafted and implemented by Game On, and the measureable impact of Game On Performance Solutions on the CX and EX indicators of this key bank division.

With a background in Industrial Engineering and extensive experience in leading several large-scale business programmes, Inge-Marie provides expert insight into the pivotal role of strategy, people, processes, systems and transformation initiatives in achieving benchmark Customer Experiences. Her recent WoW transformation journey with Game On Performance Solutions also equips her to share valuable learning about the success that stems from a parallel journey, merging EX and CX initiatives.

Presentation overview:

  • To improve your customer experience game, you need a game plan that lifts the game of all the players involved.
  • CX will improve if EX improves
  • EX will improve if performance requirements are clearly defined, monitored and supported by leadership feedback and coaching
  • The rationale / central idea is underpinned by a case study, showing the impact of Game On Performance Solutions on the CX and EX of Standard Bank’s CRR division

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