Alan Tricket

Alan Tricket

Title: Solutions Consultant

Company: Aspect

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Helping Customers to Help Themselves Utilising Omnichannel Flexibility to Drive Better Customer Engagement


1) How customers can self-serve using a variety of different channels including voice, email, SMS/text, web, mobile or social media to ensure easy contact for a mobile world
2) How customers can communicate seamlessly, regardless of channel; saving time and ensuring a better experience
3) Understanding how customer context can remain preserved over all channels giving the user flexibility and control

About the speaker

Alan has spent over 30 years in the contact centre provider space with 21 years at Aspect specialising in interaction management, contact recording, quality management and engagement analytics.

With 15 years as a Solutions Consultant he has experience in specifying both medium and large cloud contact centre platforms encompassing the full range of associated functionality.