Aman Kapil Butta | Stream Chair

Aman Kapil Butta | Stream Chair

Title: Medical Director, Global – Respiratory CEP

Company: GSK

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About the speaker

Aman is a medical doctor with more than 13 years of work experience with over 9 years of medical affairs experience. 

He has worked in varied Therapy areas including CNS, CVS, GI Pain and Respiratory and intensively worked across 2 countries: India (nearly 6 years) and Singapore (nearly 3 years) wherein he led collaborative projects across India and Singapore respectively. 

Aman has an active interest in improving patient outcomes and has been a speaker in many events in India and Singapore. He was also a speaker and panelist at independent congresses like Clinical Trials Asia and his collaborative work has been presented in international meetings (Eg. European Respiratory Society, Paris 2018)

Prior to joining GSK he was with AstraZeneca (Singapore) and Pfizer (India) Limited. His clinical experience includes work in state run and private practice in India, he has also done clinical rotations across US Hospitals and is an ECFMG(US) certified physician having completed all steps of the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) in 2011.