Amy Downs | UK

Amy Downs | UK

Title: Sr. Director of Customer Success and Support

Company: Twilio

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How do you move your Net Promoter Score from a -4 to 84 in two years?


Join Amy to learn how engaging employees across two different organizations led not only to an improvement in NPS but also significant retention and growth.


In this talk Amy will: 
- Discuss the link between company culture and customer success; codifying core values to ensure sustainability
- Share real-world examples of how to engage and ignite your customer facing teams as well as customer ambassadors across your organization
- Discuss how customer and employee insights and market data help to remove the "noise" and ensure companies are solving the right problems for customers

Participants will gain/leave with:
- Ideas for bringing employees who are far removed from customers closer to the customer experience
- Practical tips for managing up/across and down your organization to get support and engagement needed to achieve success
- Easy examples you can implement quickly to show progress and win support 

About the Speaker

Amy Downs served as both Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer at Lifesize and VP of Customer Experience at Voxeo, both Cloud based software communications platforms. 

In these roles, she was responsible for ensuring both companies lived up to their core value of Customer Obsession. From customer support, customer success, professional services, training and community/advocacy, Amy drove the strategy and execution of programs that helped both Lifesize and Voxeo customers and partners bring successful multi-channel collaboration solutions to their companies.

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