Andrew Hall | UK

Andrew Hall | UK

Title: Chief Innovation Officer

Company: Capgemini

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Achieving frictionless customer engagements


Your customer’s journey and the ease of their engagement with you, directly link to their loyalty and desire to refer and purchase more from the same brand. For many companies, the drive to digital has been focussed on reducing costs and deflecting calls to digital channels rather than orchestrating the right customer journey.


This presentation will provide you with insights into:

  • how companies are achieving frictionless customer journeys - where customers are able to complete their business across multiple channels without loss of context and at the highest possible FCR
  • some of the innovations that are modernising how companies ensure they are able to deliver excellent service for their customer
  • the importance of observational analysis combined with more traditional surveys when designing customer journeys
  • breaking down some of the hype curves that exist; what is the truth we should believe and how should we adopt new technologies
  • how to remove communication siloes and move from a multi-channel to an omni-channel environment

About the speaker

Andrew is the Chief Innovation Officer for Capgemini Odigo UK, a leading omni-channel customer engagement SaaS solution. He has over 20 years of experience in helping organisations to transform and grow the way they engage and support their customers, whilst delivering business outcomes. 

Working with some of the world's most successful brands across multiple sectors including Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Outsourcing, Technology and Energy and Utilities, has provided him insights into the challenges organisations face today and the journey many are on to deliver new innovation and digital solutions.

Company overview

Capgemini Odigo™ delivers a cloud native Software-as-a-Service platform, designed to enable organisations to achieve an omni-channel, seamless engagement with their clients. Our solution works across inbound and outbound voice and digital channels, seamlessly integrating a customers’ journey with significant flexibility. 

In essence, you create an architecture of engagement that is able to accommodate the most arduous of client interactions. Odigo allows you, to not only design journeys to match and exceed the best brands in the market, but to also drive agent empowerment through a single UX that integrates all the information required to resolve enquiries, carries context across channels and offers tools to enhance next best action decisioning. With more than 66% of customers finding service issues exhausting to deal with, Odigo provides the framework to enable a frictionless engagement.