Carolyn Cleveland

Carolyn Cleveland

Title: Founder

Company: C&C Empathy Training Ltd

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Do I really notice your empathy and compassion? - The emotional experience.


Within this experiential presentation, Carolyn will be identifying the presence and absence of empathy within a hospital setting and when things go wrong, both from an individual perspective and the culture.


By journeying through the ‘emotional experience’, communication, biases and compassionate care are examined. Carolyn will further take delegates on a thought-provoking journey of the ‘Funnel of Life’ and levels of stress, taking a light-hearted look at how we naturally perceive things differently and how we all ‘catch’ sad and happy emotions. This will be linked into the 6C’s and the role empathy and emotional awareness play in these. Finally, Carolyn will touch on challenging workdays and the importance of personal wellbeing.

Learning outcomes:

  • Who is the patient? – evaluating the presence and absence of empathy
  • Develop knowledge of the ‘funnel of life’ 
  • Experience perspectives and catching emotions
  • Examine how the 6 C’s of nursing are underpinned by empathy and emotional awareness
  • Recognise compassionate communication ‘A gift in the middle of a storm’
  • Understanding what empathy isn’t and personal self-care.

About the speaker

Carolyn Cleveland (Founder of C&C Empathy Training Ltd)
BSc (Hons) Cert Counselling, Specialism in Loss and bereavement, PTTLS

Carolyn has a background in psychology, counselling, and conceived C&C Empathy Training from her direct experience of patient safety issues, and compassionate communication failure, in the inquest system and the NHS complaints process. 

Carolyn experienced the loss of a child and found many of these systems did not grasp her emotional experience, motivations or needs, following this tragic loss both. This was apparent individually and culturally, feeding into staff behaviour and negatively impacting on outcomes.

Carolyn is passionate about promoting long term change through training and development by humanising systems and empowering staff to support themselves, colleagues, patients and loved ones in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Carolyn has been public speaking on emotions and empathy in real life situations since 2006, reaching diverse audiences, creating further insight into some of the more complex emotional needs of the people in the process and in vulnerable positions, as well as staff personal emotional responses. She works with several NHS and private organisations, NHS England, legal firms and was part of the National Coroner’s Officers Training Programme 2019. She is looking to work with the Medical Examining Officers training programme in 2020.

At the core of Carolyn’s work, is her thought provoking experience and personal journey, challenges and resilience, told with honesty and candour. This is joined together with her academic study, analysis, and her personality and the belief that understanding ‘why’ something needs doing, rather than just ‘what’ needs doing is vital in supportive long term positive change and development, both individually and culturally.

Carolyn delivered a very thought provoking, and emotive session to our Board Away Day. For a mental health and disabilities Trust, this training was essential for us and emphasised and helped us refocus on the importance of putting yourself in the shoes of others. It also reminded us of the importance of 'holding the mirror' up to ourselves, our behaviours and our perceptions. Excellent training for anyone, but particularly for those in the health service….we would highly recommend it."
John Lawler, CEO, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Carolyn’s education programme is very informative with real learning, but more than that, it deepens that learning through the authentic and real-life application. The most difficult subject matters are explored and analysed in a safe, supportive learning environment. Staff are left having learnt, having challenged their own biases and thinking, but also gained significant value by developing further pride in their existing abilities.
Margaret Kitching, Chief Nurse, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber Region, NHS England & NHS Improvement

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