Clare Muscutt | UK

Clare Muscutt | UK

Title: Founder & Director

Company: CMXperience

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How to be awesome at cx transformation


No doubt, Transformation is hard as it involves fundamental change, and nobody really likes to change, do they? 

As well as being hard to deliver, it isn’t always a success. Arbitrary business decisions about cost saving and technology frequently cause unintended consequences, often getting ‘results’ at the expense of other important elements of the proposition, resulting in new pain points, employee disengagement and customer dissatisfaction. But why is that the case?


The most common mistake businesses make in the transformation gold rush, is having the wrong mindset, forgetting about people, reducing them down to a set of ‘requirements’ that are fed into project plans within broader transformation programmes who’s KPI’s often rely on some kind of behavioural change that invariably doesn’t happen as planned. If the customers they serve and the employees who serve them are not the first consideration, WHAT changes may well not be the right thing to deliver the desired outcome.

Plus, HOW change happens can have an alienating effect on teams and frontline staff that drives down engagement, productivity and customer service. There must be a better way? The UK’s top female CX influencer, entrepreneur, thought leader, global keynote speaker and soon-to-beauthor Clare Muscutt joins us to share her perspective on how taking a more human centred approach to transformation can create a win-win for customers, employees and the business. 

She will share how to having the right mindset and applying her formula of CX design thinking can 10X your efforts, ensure changes create maximum customer value, improve employee engagement, increase return on any investment (ROI) and potentially transform the culture of your organisation to one with significantly better change capability in the future. Clare is regularly quoted as saying “Great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by design” so join us to learn about her tried and tested approach to CX design thinking and the tools you can use to help your business be Awesome at CX Transformation

About the speaker

Clare was responsible for the Customer Experience Team and Strategy at Sainsbury's, now heading up CMXperience

Clare started at the grass roots of service, working on ‘the shop floor’ before beginning her career as a graduate in hospitality following completion of her degree and masters in Marketing from the University of Birmingham. She went on to hold a number of senior roles in Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Experience, strategy and proposition within FTSE 100 UK and Global companies. 

Recognised as a leading expert in her field, Muscutt has won numerous awards including UK Professional of the Year, endorsing her for forward thinking approach to customer experience and impressive commercial results.