Colin Habberton

Colin Habberton

Title: Director of Global Partnerships

Company: BrandsEye

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Colin Habberton is a social scientist by training, an entrepreneur by nature, a husband and father of two and Director of Global Partnerships for BrandsEye - the world's leading opinion mining company. 

BrandsEye's technology combines the power of AI and human intelligence to accurately understand online public opinion. By combining a proprietary mix of search algorithms, crowd sourcing and machine learning, BrandsEye is able to mine  online conversations for sentiment and the topics driving that sentiment.

With over 20 years of experience across the public, private and for purpose sectors he has contributed to a variety of academic and industry publications, presented at conferences around the world on the topics of finance, social enterprise, fundraising, loyalty economics and customer experience.

Presentation overview

Bridging the expectation gap through unstructured data

Question – How can companies structure complex unstructured data in order to better understand the customer journey?

Overview - In order to really understand the customer journey and to attempt to close the ever-widening expectation gap, companies need to find more powerful ways to structure and analyse their data. This is especially true for social media data, which until now has proved almost impossible to accurately mine, let alone to extract a genuine return on investment. By integrating artificial with human intelligence, organisations are now able to accurately structure data at scale for sentiment and topics, allowing them to make strategic customer experience interventions.

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