Colin Iles | South Africa

Colin Iles | South Africa

Title: Global Ambassador OpenExo | CEO The Equinox Leadership and Innovation Centre

Company: Emergent Africa | Colin Iles

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Think radically differently about the new drivers of business success


This talk will challenge you to think radically differently about the new drivers of business success, in a world where the development and deployment of new technologies has shifted from linear to exponential.


Expect to leave better informed about the steps your business must take if you want to survive and thrive in an exponential world.

The term Exponential Organisation was defined by best selling author Salim Ismail, as an organisation that is 10x better, cheaper and faster than its competitors.

Uber, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are all examples of ExO's.

The good news is that there are hundreds of examples of ExO's and they all demonstrate similar traits....,traits which "traditional' organisations can theoretically use to pivot from 'linear' too 'exponential' growth models.

Colin's talk will explore:

  • Why rapid technological development is changing the business landscape.
  • Whether there is a difference between a purpose-driven and profit-driven strategy.
  • The common attributes of ExO's.
  • The barriers 'traditional' organisations face when trying to transition to Exponential models.
  • What organisations can do to overcome these barriers.
  • What role you can play in helping your organisation transform.
  • How simple changes can lead to exponential outcomes.

At the end of the session, Colin will leave you to consider three questions.

How you answer them may well be the catalyst that changes your life.

About the speaker

Colin shows leadership teams of entrenched organisations what steps they can take to hedge themselves from new entrants who are benefiting from easy access to disruptive exponential technologies.

He has worked with clients across multiple industries including MiWay | Thomson Reuters | Ab InBev | Korn Ferry | University of Cape Town | PepsiCo | Afrocentric | Betterlife | Old Mutual | Absa

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