Lady Colleen Glaeser

Lady Colleen Glaeser

Title: Managing Director

Company: AxxonSoft Southern Africa

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Colleen is a serial entrepreneur, acclaimed motivational speaker and business sales coach who has shared the stage at conferences of the world’s top technology brands. She has been featured in numerous magazine publications and interviewed on local radio stations.

A trusted expert in a traditionally male-dominated telecommunications and security industry, Colleen has proven time after time that women can be powerful leaders and an influential asset in any business - both tactically and strategically.

Colleen has an impressive track record in the extremely competitive ICT industry spanning over 20 years and has successfully established and led numerous organisations over this period, firmly positioning each as a top achiever in their respective market as recognised by the local and international vendor community.

In 2016 Colleen purchased the rights for AxxonSoft Southern Africa and SADAC region and was appointed as Managing Director for the region – the first appointment of a female MD on an international board of Directors. AxxonSoft is the world’s leading software developer of intelligent surveillance solutions to serve the private and public sector.

All of her businesses are customer-centric and built with the agility to move on the fly and adapt to meet local and global market trends and demands, whilst keeping client total cost of ownership and return on investment at the highest priority.

Colleen maintains that her success in business is largely due to gaining an intimate understanding of her client’s business before engaging, thereby enabling her solutions team to develop a business case and solution which speaks directly to her client’s business needs and challenges. This approach and methodology are firmly rooted in the culture of each of her company’s.

Presentation outline

Companies of the future are leveraging analytics and insights from intelligent surveillance systems to create better in-store customer experiences.

Today's security risks are real. Incidents and breaches are inevitable if your business is not prepared. However, Surveillance is not always doom and gloom.
Companies who understand the value that can be extracted by monitoring customer behaviour and traffic trends are able to respond to changing market dynamics, establish competitive differentiation, and create new business paradigms. 

Colleen will be unpacking a recent case study and provide valuable Tips on how to leverage your surveillance system to improve Customer Experience in Retail applications.

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