Daniel Coulton Shaw | USA

Daniel Coulton Shaw | USA

Title: International Clinic Ambassador

Company: GCR - Global Clinic Rating

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Quality tools and techniques to improve patient experience


• how healthcare becomes personalized
• how patient outcomes can drive transparency
• how “easy” will become your biggest challenge

About the speaker

As the International ambassador for the GCR - Daniel aims to help patient choice start with data first, and make the choice of a suitable healthcare facility almost as safe, predictable and effortless as choosing a good destination, hotel & restaurant for your next vacation.

Through collecting the actual treatment results of patients over time, you will be able to determine which medical centre has better results compared to another in real time.

GCR is the leading global standard for medical clinic ratings. We have individually rated 419,000+ clinics in 126 countries of the world, and officially certified hundreds of clinics in each country providing the analysis, intelligence, competitive benchmarking and automated reporting needed to help doctors and clinic owners more effectively make their clinics more attractive to new patients.

Hundreds of clinics, including some of the most recognised clinics in the world, currently rely on their GCR Score to better understand and improve patient satisfaction and to increase profits.