Dayoán Daumont

Dayoán Daumont

Title: Customer Experience & Digital Transformation

Company: Ogilvy Consulting

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Customer experience under the watchful eye of the brand


The customer-centric approach of building brand strategies allows for the ability to create services and products that meet the needs and wants of consumers, this is at the core of what CX aims to answer and why its adoption as a growth engine is on the rise. 


If these efforts are to be taken seriously by any brand in B2C, B2B, or D2C, the authenticity of the transformation must be in service of a purpose. And by purpose, we are not referencing CSR or a corporate day but a true IDEAL of why the brand exists.

About the speaker

Dayoán Leads the Customer Experience & Innovation practice within Ogilvy Consulting. His role focus on the overall Brand Experience bringing together from a wide range of disciplines and specialities to make strategic and business impact. 

Combining from creative, strategy, behaviour, and technology practices allows him to make sense of the objectives, expanding the definition of the opportunity. He’s work with some of the worlds leading brands like BMW, iKEA, LEGO, American Express, BP, and BA. Developing everything from unique service offerings to global brand platforms.

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