Dr Gary David | Stream Chair

Dr Gary David | Stream Chair

Title: Certified Clinical Sociologist

Company: Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

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Conversation Analysis and Patient Experience:
Exploring the Details of Healthcare Delivery for Integrated Experience Design


Conversation analysis (CA) is a technique used in the social sciences to examine the details of how persons interact with one another, and how those features are used to create meaning and understanding. As such, CA has been applied in exploring the nature of communication in a variety of settings, which includes healthcare delivery. 


There exists an extensive body of knowledge related to how communication and interaction occurs in healthcare, including doctor/patient encounters. This research has been applied to help train healthcare professionals better interact with patients, which has involved training doctors of how interaction happens in real-life contexts. 

Those looking to advance patient experience have been adopting a customer experience framework, especially in relation to defining Px as involving perceptions that are formed from interactions with healthcare delivery overall. Despite Px being based on interactions, attempts to measure Px primarily have focused on the perceptions of those interactions, rather than the interactions themselves. While there are a variety of reasons for this, the sum total effect has been a lack of understanding of how interactions themselves can be factored into our examination of patient experience. 

This talk (or session or workshop) will discuss approaches to integrating perceptual indicators with interactional features in order to develop a more complete sense of the experiences had in healthcare settings. The topics under examination will include a brief review of the healthcare-based conversation analytic work, examples of practical application of this approach, and ways in which it can be blended with more ‘scalable’ data derived from traditional measures. This talk (or session or workshop) is suitable for anyone looking to measure patient experience, as well as trying to create programs to improve the interactions had within healthcare.

About the speaker

Gary David, PhD, CCS
Professor of Sociology, Department Chair
Professor of Information Design and Corporate Communication
Certified Clinical Sociologist

Vice President-Elect, Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

194 Morison Hall
Bentley University
Waltham, MA 02452