Dr. Lorraine Dickey MD MBA

Dr. Lorraine Dickey MD MBA

Title: Founder, Innovator and Activist

Company: The Narrative Initiative

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Narrative Person-Centered Care: Experience how TNI’s® facilitated narrative techniques using your personal story enhances crucial communication and listening skills


The Narrative Initiative, LLC® (TNI) works to help make important conversations between people in critical relationships more effective and efficient. We understand personal bias, emotion, and perception color what we say and what we hear.


At TNI we use the personal stories written by participants to enhance their critical listening and communication skills. Professional narrative facilitators use novel educational and validated research-proven narrative techniques to help participants gain an awareness of how biases and perceptions can stand in the way of moving forward. Since 2017 TNI’s research has demonstrated writing short personal stories in a safe setting about challenging issues, issues where people hold differing perceptions, that are then read word-for-word and reflected upon by an invested group has the ability to:

o heighten awareness of individual biases and perceptions
o open participants to understanding other ways of perceiving the same situation
o validate difficult emotions and experiences
o provide opportunities to practice focused listening and paying close attention to specific words and language that make a difference.

Two years of research consistently shows participants benefit by enhanced personal and professional resilience, improved team cohesion, ability to provide better care to patients, improved close listening skills and by gaining communication skills they can immediately use after participating in a narrative session or workshop.

About the speaker

Lorraine A. Dickey, MD MBA is an innovator and activist for a better experience of CARE within the health care system, both for the patient experience as well as for staff. She is a senior neonatologist & pediatric palliative medicine physician. She has been invited to speak and give narrative workshops throughout the United States and to international audiences on enhancing perceptions of CARE when delivering person/patient-centered care.

In 2001 Dr. Dickey was involved in a catastrophic ski accident resulting in multiple injuries, including a serious head injury, that changed the course of her personal and professional lives. She was told she would never be able to practice as a physician again. Not one to take “No” for an answer, she was able to finally return to work as a neonatologist in 2004 and went on to become the Chief of Neonatology & Medical Director of a 45 bed Level IIIC NICU. In 2013 she made a mid-career transition and entered a Fellowship in Hospice & Palliative Medicine. In 2013 she was also diagnosed and treated for cancer. These very personal health care experiences led her to develop innovative narrative techniques to improve true communication…not simply an exchange of language…between patients who need health CARE and providers who are dedicated to providing that care.

In 2017 she founded The Narrative Initiative, LLC ® (TNI) to share her facilitated narrative experiences with healthcare providers AND patients/family members/community members. Dr. Dickey along with the Executive Director for TNI, Vivian Foulke, BSN, founded The Gathering of Kindness USATM in 2018 as part of TNI’s Narrative Kindness Initiative with the intention of transforming the culture of health care through KINDNESS. TNI is also produces “Hear Me,” the compelling health care play performed by professional actors addressing the tricky disclosure of a medical error leading to the death of a patient. This has been performed for over 6,000 health care providers and community members in Australia and made its US debut at the 2019 Gathering of Kindness USA. Currently, she also works as a locum tenens neonatologist and pediatric palliative care physician.