Dr Piet Ter Wee | Dutch

Dr Piet Ter Wee | Dutch

Title: Chief Medical Officer

Company: Amsterdam UMC

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Implementation strategy for change of care towards value-based health care


• Start with enthusiastic persons who can become ambassadors
• Team developing and choosing a team lead
• Focus on different topics of value based health care (choosing outcomes; patient participation and shared decision making; care paths outside the hospital etc.)
• Development of ICT, dash-boarding, prom-tools etc.
• Means and Money

About the speaker

Since 1994 I have been responsible for setting up the Nephrology department at VUmc, where for several years there has also been medical responsibility for two other centers for artificial kidney treatment. A thriving kidney transplant program has also been set up. In my opinion, the most important expertise is the treatment of chronic kidney damage and kidney damage in the context of vascular inflammation (vasculitis and SLE).