Elliott Starr & Ollie Scott

Elliott Starr & Ollie Scott

Title: Founders

Company: RANK, Disruptive Health & Lifestyle Mix

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Life is short. We want to help people hack it

  • More benefits in less time - why we need more disruptive brands
  • Make it well, market it well, look after your tribe well - the opportunity is waiting
  • Rank: 41 ingredients & 700+ supporting citations

About the speakers

Ollie + Elliott are the founders of Rank - the ultimate health hack. Rank is a combination of the world's most nutrient dense super greens and super fruits. It also includes ingredients that aid gut health and cognitive performance. Rank also helps to maintain a strong immune system.

The pair combined their skillsets to bring Rank to the world. Elliott has worked as an advertising copywriter for seven years. He has worked on some of the world's biggest brands. His work has been recognised by awards bodies around the world. Elliott has also written extensively on the topics of accessible fitness, health, habits and performance.

Ollie is the founder of Unknown, a creative + Tech talent firm partnered with some of the most progressive agencies and startups globally. Futureproofing over 30 business in its first year of business.

Ollie hosts one of the fastest growing podcasts in the UK. He has also been the youngest board director running the most profitable division in the creative recruitment industry for 5+ years.

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