Gavin Atkinson

Gavin Atkinson

Title: CX specialist and call centre expert

Company: WNS Global Services SA

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Gavin has over 25 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, starting his career as an agent for the Automobile Association and working his way up to hold the position of Operations Director. He has also worked for Discovery Health as a Divisional Manager: Client Service. It was during his time at Discovery that Gavin won the prestigious Call Centre Manager of the Year award.

In addition to being a multi award-winning operations manager Gavin has played a key role in the industry and has sat on numerous industry association boards and advisory bodies.

In 2003 Gavin and his partners formed iChoices Contact Centres, initially servicing a single medical insurance organization but rapidly growing into a 700-seat multi-client contact centre outsource and BPO provider. iChoices was sold to BankservAfrica Integrated Solutions in 2013 and Gavin remained on as CEO for a two year transition period

Gavin (together with a group of globally recognised contact centre and Customer Experience experts) started ServiceLab, a specialist consultancy focusing on the enhancement of the customer experience and adding value to both the customer and to the organization. Currently Gavin holds the position of Head of the South African Domestic Business Unit of the massive global BPO operator, WNS.

Gavin is passionate about the contact centre industry and the role it plays in the South African economic landscape as well as the potential it has to create employment, grow, and develop people.

Presentation overview

“How do you transform your call centre to ensure that it is relevant – a practical case study”

Gavin’s interactive presentation will provide insights on how to keep your call centre aligned to your client’s requirements in this ever-changing world.. The presentation will provide examples, tactics and tips and will show how focusing on the basics, coupled with listening to what your client wants, will enable you to improve any of the metrics that you are currently measuring in your call centre and against any of the internal, contractual or globally recognized benchmarks or industry standards.

This exciting presentation will show the journey that a call centre under Gavin’s direction undertook to move from struggling to service customers, and not being able to handle all the interactions thrown at them, to a high-performance contact centre with multiple touch points, that enables an infinitely better customer experience whilst delivering on both Client and organizational business goals.

In this presentation, Gavin will take you on a journey touching on:

  • A focus on ensuring that the people who are engaging with the customers are equipped and understand what is required of them 
  • The deployment of the most appropriate technologies and channels, at the right time, to the right audience
  • Using a Six Sigma approach to evaluating processes to improve the customer experience

Using experiences gained over a two-year transition, Gavin will share his learnings with you. Some of the key takeaways are:

  • How to create a Vision for your centre
  • How to define key measures that are relevant to what your customer wants
  • Insights into some of the technologies available to help you on your transformation journey
  • Why focusing on the basics (people, process and technology) is important to move forward

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