Gemma Jones | UK

Gemma Jones | UK

Title: Customer Experience Director

Company: Marshalls Plc

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Engaging all stakeholders to create meaningful change


To create outstanding customer experiences, you really have to know your own business - engaging all stakeholders to create meaningful change.


Marshalls Plc is the UK market leader in the manufacture and supply of concrete, natural stone and exterior porcelain products for the construction industry. The business supplies paving, vertical walling, drainage, landscape protection and mortars and has led the industry in its ethical sourcing and sustainability programmes.

Whilst the principles of customer experience are well developed in the retail sector, in sectors such as construction, particularly in the B2B arena, customer experience is still an emerging topic and one that not all retail principles apply easily to.

How do you engage with and satisfy the end user or installer of your product when they are not the transactional customer? How do you drive an unrelenting commitment to quality of service into teams who never interact with the customer? And how can you make improvements further down the chain when the customer also needs to create change in their own organisations to drive improvement?

Gemma will share insights into Marshalls unique B2B customer experience journey, particularly focusing on an extensive time and motion study conducted to identify opportunities for improvement and initiatives undertaken to partner with key stakeholders both inside and outside of the business to drive outstanding customer satisfaction.

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