Jason Bartram

Jason Bartram

Title: Head of Planning

Company: Communications and Energy Ombudsman

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Dropping the “Fbomb”
Treating Customers fairly


Artificial Intelligence: One of the hottest, if not the hottest topic in Customer Experience at the moment. Whilst it promises massive benefits; intelligent algorithms making ever more accurate decisions, improve forecasting and offer dramatic cost savings and efficiencies.


In a world where competitive advantage could be measured in the quality of machine learning, who will put a lens on openness, transparency and bias driven by organisational “Dominant Logic”? As customers will we care how “fairly” organisations treat us when that fairness is decided by a machine analysing your value to that company? Are we really interested in their methods and the impact on their employees as long as we benefit?

I will argue that an ability to demonstrate fairness in executing a customer service strategy will become essential in establishing trust as we enter the “Fourth Industrial Age”. Winners will have a machine with a heart.

About the speaker

As Head of Planning for Ombudsman Services, the Communications and Energy Ombudsman, Jason is responsible for ensuring that Ombudsman Services are resourced and skilled to support complainants in a timely and efficient manner; including monitoring future trends, complaint tracking, continuous improvement and promoting forecasting excellence. 

He is proud of his key role in dramatically improving the Operational KPI’s and his contribution to Ombudsman Services winning a key Contact Centre award in 2017 at the first attempt. Not one for standing still his upcoming challenge is to establish “Next” practice in the use of Voice Analytics.

Previously, Jason was Head of Contact Centre Planning for Virgin Media and has worked with or in organisations in the UK, South Africa, India and Philippines for over 15 years; he was also Head of Planning for Talk Talk during its period of rapid expansion which saw it become Europe’s fastest growing Internet Service Provider.

Customer Satisfaction as measured by the Uswitch.com Energy Customer Satisfaction report 2018 has fallen across the Energy Sector with many of the traditional suppliers struggling to keep pace with new challenger brands. The long standing UK CSI report published in January 2018 has both the Energy and the Communications sectors in the bottom three when it comes to customer satisfaction. 


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