Karen Albright

Karen Albright

Title: Associate Professor of Medicine

Company: University of Colorado School of Medicine

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Beyond the Satisfaction Survey:
Using Systems Science to Improve Patient Experience Across a Continuum of Care


Patient experience is about more than the medical encounter. Patients just don’t experience what happens in the exam room; their experiences are made up of everything that occurs throughout their healthcare journey.  


Expanding the conception of patient experience to include a wider variety of experiences across the healthcare journey is critical for health care organizations interested in providing optimal health care delivery and improving overall system experience. At the same time, taking this perspective can seem daunting to healthcare providers who are focused on their own point of contact. 

Furthermore, tackling the healthcare journey can be overwhelming given the time and resources it can take to just make patients better.
Dr. Albright, using her experience working in healthcare systems as well as being a medical sociologist, will discuss how to use a system-based framework to address healthcare experience across the continuum. 

We will learn how other healthcare organizations have identified opportunities for improving the healthcare experience across the patient journey, and the steps they have taken to implement these changes. 

We will discuss ‘mixed-methods’ approaches to evaluate the delivery of experiences and identify opportunities for improvement. While traditional survey-based approaches can provide some measure of patient experience, there is much more that can be understood through more open-ended and narrative-based qualitative research. 

We also will explore how to use implementation and system sciences to communicate opportunities for improving experience, as well as outline how to create meaningful change by putting data into practice.

About the speaker

Karen Albright, PhD is an Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine and an Associate Director for Research, Denver-Seattle Center of Innovation