Karl Randay | UK

Karl Randay | UK

Title: Head of Design

Company: 383

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The path to enlightenment is paved with frictions.


At 383 we use Friction Mapping to understand as much about the customer journey as quickly as possible, so that we can hit the ground running and start helping our clients design and test new products and services. This is a visual representation of every experience an audience has with a brand, product or service. It helps to detail every step of a customer's end-to-end experience, detailing the tasks along the way, any challenges they might face and what that makes them think or feel.


Friction Mapping has become a reliable standard for gaining tangible customer intelligence, along with an understanding of how we can get a reliable, holistic view of the end-to-end experience fairly rapidly to then use as the framework for ideation.  

During his talk, Karl will give you a practical understanding of the potential for using Friction Mapping, how it can benefit a wide range of different projects to spot opportunities and better uncover the customer journey, but also how they can be made flexible and easily scale to suit any situation or environment. This will give you invaluable insights into how you can integrate them with your existing processes, run them as part of a Sprint, or find alternative ways of putting them together that better suits your toolset.

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