Katharina Wittigens

Katharina Wittigens

Title: MD

Company: Innovationbubble

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Why understanding your audience from a psychological pov, increases sales by 51%

  • What fundamentally influences customers’ decision-making and
  • what brands can do to integrate that knowledge into their practices
  • How the understanding of psychology and neuroscience of decision making
  • will create the competitive edge to brands in the 21st century.
  • 50% increase in sales for Ted Baker, most successful campaign in decades
  • for Virgin Atlantic

About the speaker

Katharina is a Business Psychologist and Managing Director at Innovationbubble, specialising in identifying the emotional, non-conscious, and motivational drivers of individual and group behaviour.  

Together with the Innovationbuble Team she has advised global brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Holidays, Capital Group, BeautyPie, Habito, Ada, SuperValu, SafeCharge in relation to finding the hidden psychological influences on retention, loyalty, purchase decisions, customer experience and how brands build these insights into their business strategies to make these more effective.

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