Kursty Groves | UK

Kursty Groves | UK

Title: Founder

Company: Shape

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Workspace as an engagement tool for HR


A positive working environment can help boost creativity, productivity and wellbeing. We spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else, so it’s natural to care about how our office looks. But design should extend beyond mere furnishings and layout plans – the design of great workplaces considers the entire employee and visitor experience. Not only should they enable and reflect the work of the organisation, they should be places that attract the right talent, inspire people and enable them to fulfill their potential.


During this session, Kursty discusses and explores the power of the physical environment as a strategic tool for unlocking the keystones of innovation: individual and group creativity, productivity and collaboration. Drawing upon her research into the design and science of inspiring work environments as well as her own experience as an innovation consultant, Kursty outlines main themes, key scientific research and shares case studies that culminate in practical takeaways for application into any organisation, large or small.

Takeaways include:

  • Physiological, psychological and social impact of environment on thinking and behaviour
  • Impact on the changing world of work on workspace requirements
  • Key spatial types for supporting innovation activity and behaviour
  • Engagement through environment: how space supports autonomy and citizenship
  • How to define the right environment for your organisation

About the speaker

Founder of Shape – a workplace strategy company that uses coaching and co-creation to help with forward-facing organisations create high-performing work environments.

Author of two books and postgraduate professor on the subject, she is an award-winning designer with over 20 years' experience facilitating innovation and design thinking - helping people to solve problems and engage with others to inspire change and implement the right solutions.




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