Lucy Robertson | UK

Lucy Robertson | UK

Title: Senior Account Manager

Company: Seen Connects

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Influencer Marketing: The Future


Trust: How has the conversation changed in 2019? What impact will this have for brands, influencers and agencies alike looking forward?


Return on Investment:

  • How can you trust your investment?
  • How does ROI/trust in influencer marketing compare to traditional marketing?

What happens next? 

  • AI Influencers: The rise of AI and virtual influencers, the likes of which are scoring deals with major brands such as Calvin Klein
  • What threats does this pose to the current industry?
  • What impact will this have on the mental health implications often associated with influencer marketing?
  • Case Study: Lil Miquela and her AI network – what’s next?
Voice: By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice operated

  • Key stats and what this means for the industry – how do we pivot?
  • Case study: Joe Wicks x Alexa

Influencers as a Freelance Network

  • Influencers should be used for their skillset, not just their reach – are they videographers, creatives, musicians? If IG collapses tomorrow, how do they remain advocates of your brand?
  • Case Study: Jo Malone London – micro influencer network

Key Takeaways

  • Key stats and summary on the big predictions for 2020

About the speaker

Lucy Robertson is part of the Senior Management team at SEEN Connects, an award-winning, innovative influencer marketing agency. 

Having previously worked for global agencies Edelman and We Are Social; Lucy was agency lead for brands such as Netflix, HP, Lego and Tesco – eventually working on Netflix in both EMEA and APAC markets.

Some of the brands currently on Connects’ ever-growing client list are: Nike, Panasonic, Three UK, Jo Malone London, Shop Direct Group, Facebook and Instagram. Connects is focused on empowering businesses by taking an investigative, strategic approach to harnessing their social media presence, in order to create meaningful consumer connections. Creating social content that is authentic and archetypally aligned with brands and influencers alike is the best way for brands to be represented organically and responsibly.

Alongside her work for Connects; Lucy has a guest lecture spot at Westminster University within the Journalism department and has appeared as a speaker on The Drum’s LinkedIn Live panel.

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