Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

Title: Chair

Company: TribeCX

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Fuelling customer experience:
How Shell puts customers at the centre of everything they do


Imagine a business that serves 25million consumers every day and 500k B2B customers and channel partners. A business that has the world's largest retail network across 50+ countries. A business that wasn’t regarded as being customer centric. 


For 5 years (through Nov/17), Mark Harrison led Customer Experience for Shell, having global accountability for the CX capabilities, technology, data and processes across the entire organisation. 

Mark will share how Shell’s CX transformation focussed on 

  1. Developing a clear, compelling and focused vision + strategy, 
  2. Listening to the voice of the customer, 
  3. Better CX governance that cut across the business lines, 
  4. Prioritising across customer, operational and financial KPI, 
  5. Embedding customer centric design, 
  6. Driving a Customer 1st culture. 

A transformation that delivered over 500m$ for Shell, moved NPS from 20 to 60+ and Employee Engagement to 90+%. Mark will share his unique insights into how this was achieved with practical examples and take-aways.

About the speaker

Mark brings a wealth of understanding in the CX field, having led Shell’s global customer experience initiatives as General Manager, Customer Excellence. 

Previously General Manager of Customer Excellence for Shell, he was responsible for ensuring that the customer experience strategy and operations were best-in-market. During his tenure he drove a transformation in customer experience for Shell’s B2B, B2B2C and B2C customers across 30+ markets, with Customer Satisfaction Index scores rising from 6.4 to 8.5 and Net Promoter Scores jumping from below 20 to 60. Mark also oversaw a company-wide cultural shift that embedded customer experience at the centre of the business, resulting in over 500m$ of additional profit.

Mark is now Chair at TribeCX and has worked across manufacturing, operations, strategy, sales and marketing and in local, regional and global roles. Mark is a keen ultra endurance athlete, often for charity, and Mark is often quoted as saying “this is the best training to be a successful CX leader”.

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