Martin Lucas | UK

Martin Lucas | UK

Title: Chair and Facilitator for the Customer Experience Stream

Company: Gap in the Matrix

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Retention, loyalty & why customers buy is misunderstood & underserved


The secret of experiences is Consumer Psychology x Mathematical Psychology. We will share all in conjunction with brands and their stories of success.


Customer experience is the battleground. So, how come so many companies and brands are struggling to deliver a stand-out, competitive and consistent experience?

This stream includes 6 successful CX Brand Focused case studies about:

• How they have competed (Experience & the Emotion side of Data)
• Where they chose to try and stand out (Voice of the Customer)
• What are they doing to make sure they remain on top (Customer Decision Making)
• How has that fed into better employee and customer outcomes (Archetypes and lessons from Psychology)

About the speaker

Martin Lucas specialises in the Why of Human Behaviour. He will be leading this stream with consumer psychologists, brands and he will be helping you understand the emotional side of data, experience and customer decision making.

Martin Lucas is an expert in Mathematical Psychology and spent four years researching, testing and modelling how decision making, and the what, how & why of psychology and science of shopping.

The CEO of Gap in the Matrix a Conversion Optimisation & Personalisation Software company.

He is a three timed published author, three times business founder before starting Gap in the Matrix (Sales Psychology, Consulting & he built a social network), sat on Charity boards, written a paper for the Prime Minister, set records in his corporate days and won lots of awards (leadership, sales, growth).

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