Martin Lucas | UK

Martin Lucas | UK

Title: Chair and Facilitator for the Customer Experience Stream

Company: Gap in the Matrix

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Using Tech To Pinpoint Your Customers’ True Desires

Stream title

Retention, loyalty & why customers buy is misunderstood & underserved


Ever wonder what your products and services mean to your customers?


Martin specialises in the Why of Human Behaviour and will be leading this stream with Consumer Psychologists, Brands to help you understand the Emotional side of data, experience and customer decision making.

Lucas has consolidated SaaS tools for Predictive Analytics and formulated "The Why Model" and the results have been consistently impressive across a diverse range of sectors: 

· Engage (Education): £1,340,000 Gross Margin Uplift
· Unknown (HR): Doubled Turnover
· Elvis & Jesus (eCommerce): 101.4% Online Sales Growth

His presentation will explore the customers mindset of experience and the psychological meaning of service, and outline concrete steps on how to effectively leverage technology and software to interpret and pinpoint exactly what your customers want.?

About the speaker

Martin Lucas is an expert in Mathematical Psychology and spent four years researching, testing and modelling how customers think, and how the brain creates meaning to all we experience in life.

The CEO of Gap in the Matrix a Conversion Optimisation & Personalisation Software company. He is a three timed published author, three times business founder before founding Matrix (Sales Psychology, Consulting & he built a social network), sat on Charity boards, written a paper for the Prime Minister, set records in his corporate days and won lots of awards (leadership, sales, growth).

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