Michal Hrabi

Michal Hrabi

Title: CEO

Company: Phonexia

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The future of call centers in the post-covid-19 era


As the Covid-19 pandemic makes its way through almost every continent on Earth, the global measures that have been put in place to defend humanity against this virus have consequently sparked the biggest digital transformation push that our society has ever seen. 


Something that only a few weeks ago would be considered as pure madness. It also triggered the new economic crisis that will hit the world and its call centers hard, destroying some businesses and elevating others.

What are the upcoming trends influenced by the digitalized society? What are the new and booming use cases? Who is going to benefit, and who will be left behind? In this webinar, Phonexia CEO Michal Hrabi will shed light on the future of call centers in the post-Covid-19 world.

About the speaker

Michal Hrabí is CEO of Phonexia that develops global technologies for voice identification, voice verification, and voice analysis. Michal joined Phonexia in 2014 after spending many years as an entrepreneur and business advisor. 

Michal is founder of StarCube the first Central European startup accelerator and former director of the Microsoft Innovation Center and South Moravian Innovation Center Startup Program. 

His motto is turning sci-fi of today into reality of tomorrow.