Mohamed Latib | USA

Mohamed Latib | USA

Title: Founder & CEO

Company: CX University

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Technology Dictatorship or Cultural adaptiveness?


Advances in technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other algorithmic based decision systems deliver many truly amazing capabilities.


Vendors are showing the potential to personalize customer experiences to optimize operating business models. As we automate personalized systems, as we empower systems with more data, systems will provide incredible insights. But humans will continue to bear the responsibility of deciding, implementing, and executing on those insights. Bold leadership and unorthodox thinking will be necessary to use the power of technology and the ingenuity of human resources to create models of success around customer experience.

Attendees will walk away with an execution framework for change, and transformation that will focus on the following (supported by case examples):

Frequent thoughtful actions:

  • Learn by doing- design thinking
  • Use simple language- communication mastery
  • Build safety scaffolds-drive out fear
  • Extinguish outdated policies- ‘moose’ workouts (Moose refers to useless policies/procedures)

Small company properties:

  • Develop speed and agility
  • Prevent layers of management
  • Connect people and their jobs to outcomes

Apply Motivation 3.0:

  • Purpose
  • Autonomy
  • Mastery

Entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Think outside the box- blue ocean strategies

About the Speaker

Mohamed Latib, Ph.D. CEO of CX University and PX Academy, has been involved in CX work for over 30 years designing CX workshops, leadership development, and cultural transformation consulting for Kohl’s Department Stores, The World Health Organization, Sacred Heart Hospital, Acuity Hospital, Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Fossil, TransUnion, The World Bank, Project Management Institute, Citi Bank, Delaware North, Konica Minolta, Crowe, Singapore Post, Malaysia Telekom, Reliant Energy, Air Products, Pennsylvania Power and Light, Siemens, Smithfield Meats, Dominion Textiles, Unisys and others.

Mohamed was the co-founder of PeriscopeIQ, a technology company that built proprietary software platforms for building VOC solutions for global brands. Before immersing himself in founding CXU and PXA, he served as Professor, Dean, and Vice President of several universities in the USA. 

Mohamed opened several MBA programs, joint MSN/MBA, and Physician MBA programs in the USA, Peru, Romania, Italy, and India. 

He has published widely in the business literature as well as in academic journals. 

He has served on numerous boards and has also been the President of the PA Council for International Education and the International Management Development Association. He is presently an adjunct professor at Penn State U and Moravian College.

Mohamed holds an MS in Psychology, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University.

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