Nic Ray | South Africa

Nic Ray | South Africa

Title: CEO

Company: BrandsEye

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CX: Measuring the expectation gap and winning the customer satisfaction war


Millions of customers take to social media to complain or compliment products and services. Businesses know this volunteered data is valuable but struggle to keep up with the pace, scale and volatility of social media feedback.


Being able to accurately measure and understand how and why customers feel the way they do is of high strategic value and is a significant competitive advantage for omnichannel customer journeys. Traditional CX metrics like NPS although important, provide a historical view on actual customer experience, whereas social media data allows for real-time monitoring of customer feedback.

Nic will talk to the latest uses of AI and human intelligence in organising customer feedback at scale with industry case studies, across banking, retail and telecoms showcasing how social media data can be used to improve CX.

About the Speaker

Nic is the CEO of BrandsEye SA ( He cut his teeth in ad-land working at Ogilvy in South Africa and the UK. He then went on to be part of the founding leadership team that built and sold an African digital agency group (Quirk) to WPP. Today, he is helping grow BrandsEye into a global opinion mining business.

BrandsEye uses a proprietary mix of search algorithms, crowd-sourcing and machine learning to mine online conversation for sentiment and the topics driving that sentiment. Through this unique approach, we help organisations bridge the gap that exists between themselves and the expectations of their customers. With this data, companies can in near real-time react to customer needs and make customer-driven improvements across an omnichannel customer journey.

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