Nina Gyubbenet

Nina Gyubbenet

Title: Customer Experience Director

Company: Tele2

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Nina Gyubbenet has 17 years of experience in telecom area. She is a pioneer in building Customer Centric culture in Russia.

Mrs Gyubbenet has master degree in international economy and IMISP MBA.

After graduating from Saint-Peterburg State University in 1995 Mrs Gyubbenet joined one of the first mobile operator in Russia founded by Motorola.

In 2003 Mrs Gyubbenet joined Tele2 Group Customer Operations Director of Russian Operations.

In 2015 Nina got a new exciting assignment to lead Customer Experience in Tele2 Russia.
In two years Nina has built CEM framework that involves the whole company to ensure customer centric approach and build seamless experience for the customer.

Tele2 Russia provides services to >40 million subscribers and offers high-quality mobile services at low prices.

Nina will share her experience at Tele2 with two massive CX projects:

Employee engagement in CX through web platform and gamification

    - Walk-The-Talk: interactive web portal for CX improvement
    - Why employees love to use it?
    - The results

It is possible to engage all employees into CX improvement – if you make it interesting for them. Employee engagement in CX is not just for fun – it impacts business results

Big Data analytics – churn tree and CX index based on critical succecss/failures during customer journeys.

    - “CX Index” - new era in customer behavior prediction using analytical tools
    - Major “events chains” that lead to churn or to customer success
    - CX improvement decisions that came out of this project

If you really know your Customer Journey it can bring you a lot of value and opportunity. We started from churn tree analytics and ended up with CXI (customer experience index)

CEW delegates will learn what it takes and how it pays back.

Nina will be speaking at:

CEW LONDON