Olivier Mourrieras | France

Olivier Mourrieras | France

Title: Event Chair

Company: Founder CX Impact

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3 themes to engage and energise teams to deliver a world class customer experience


  • Customer Experience Masterclass : getting your team and middle management to a basic understanding of what is customer experience and how to manage it
  • Customer Experience new competitive battle ground : your senior leadership audience will understand what it takes to differentiate sustainably
  • Customer Experience delivery machine : your audience of delivery leaders will gain clarity on how to effectively and efficiently deliver results and improve customer experience

About the speaker

Olivier Mourrieras is a regular business panelist and conference facilitator. He has spent over 12 years in shaping and delivering market leading customer experience strategies for companies in the top half of the Fortune 500 ranking. 

From laying out foundations to building sustainable capabilities, Olivier Mourrieras shares his insight on what it takes to put the customer at the heart and deliver change with spectacular results. Among others, the Orange and E.ON stories are used as best practice cases by leading consultancy and analysts firms globally.
Olivier is founder of CX-impact, serves as Board Advisor at TribeCX and is member emeritus of the global NPS Loyalty Forum. 

Olivier’s background in customer facing operations brings a very human, empathetic and pragmatic touch to his energizing stories that will leave the lasting memories you want your audience to remember.

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