Paul du Toit

Paul du Toit

Title: Managing Director

Company: Congruence Training

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Paul du Toit has been speaking to audiences about Customer Excellence for over 20 years. He is also a presentation skills specialist and the author of 2 books including “You Can Present With Confidence” and is the co-author of “The Exceptional Speaker” with Alan Stevens (GSF, FPSA). He blogs on presentation skills and customer service and his articles on presenting and customer excellence are regularly published.

He achieved the Certified Speaking Professional designation in 2008, held by less than 1000 professional speakers globally. In December 2013 at the 5th Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver, Canada he was recognised in the inaugural group of 21 Global Speaking Fellows (GSF). In 2017 he was inducted into the Southern African Speakers Hall of Fame. He delivers motivational keynotes on Mindset Shift, Service Excellence and Presenting with Confidence internationally.

He is a founding member and past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (2005-2006), and an Honorary Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland. He served from 2006-2008 as the secretary of the Global Speakers Federation, and during 2012-2013 as Treasurer.

Paul is the managing director of the Congruence Group based in Sandton, South Africa, which develops human capital from companies of all sizes. His Congruence e-newsletter has over 6,500 opt-in subscribers and their best selling course “Customer Relationship Skills” has been delivered to hundreds of companies over the past 21 years.

He has one wife, 2 daughters, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a guitar and lives in Sandton, South Africa. He runs marathons for fun, and every year for the past 12 years has completed Cape Town’s Two Oceans 56km ultra marathon. He finished back to back Comrades marathons (89km) in June 2013 & 2014 and his third in 2017.

Presentation overview

  1. Great Service Is Profitable
  2. Surprising insights into customer perceptions
  3. Customer experience in the context of the sales cycle
  4. The two sides of the coin
  5. The key to consistency
  6. The ultimate goal
  7. Finding the real why
  8. Fixing problems fast and why it’s important
  9. Putting it all together

Of all the directives consuming organisational employees, delivering consistently great customer experiences seems to have at best vague, intangible benefits. However, many leading organisations are now investing heavily into receiving accurate customer feedback. 

Why? Their research is finding that achieving consistency in customer experience is proving a much more profitable exercise with many more tangible benefits than was initially understood. In addition, through social media customers have more say now than they ever did before. 

In this keynote Paul unpacks the key components for setting up a winning customer centric culture, why customers need consistency and why leading organisations now wouldn’t do things any other way.

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