Pauliina Jamsa | Finland

Pauliina Jamsa | Finland

Title: Global senior online marketing manager

Company: Siemens

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Look Beyond Technology: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Destination


Companies will invest millions in the latest SaaS platforms to drive changes in their company, but will spend nothing on change management. But as many will learn the hard way, companies can’t compete only with technology and processes.

There’s always someone faster than you, cheaper than you, more agile than you. Which is why the human factor, often sadly overlooked, plays such a crucial part in your digitalization strategy.


Some of the toughest business challenges to solve include: getting management buy-in, driving user adoption and resolving the conflict between sales and marketing. If people resist, they can block initiatives and refuse to use new systems. So the status quo remains, in spite of the millions invested in moving away from it.

In this session experienced change management professional Pauliina Jamsa will explore:

  • the true nature of digital transformation
  • the real reasons that people resist change
  • how you can play a crucial part in driving change management
  • how you can use emotional intelligence to dissolve inertia and erase resistance

During the session, Pauliina will share with you three simple steps you can implement straight away in your workplace. You will leave feeling positive, empowered and inspired to put what you learned in practice.

About the speaker

In B2B Marketing Magazine's Top 10 list of women making the biggest impact in tech in 2019. 

She is an engaging keynote speaker, stand up comedian, executive coach and responsible at Siemens for global enablement across 90 different countries by providing digital advice and workshops, leading agile projects and encouraging a fail-safe culture. 

Last year she challenged herself to share her personal failures on social media to put her own neck on the line and motivate people by showing that it's ok to fail. She believes that there's no digital transformation without mindset change - it's not about technology, it's all about people.

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