Rebecca Barnes | UK

Rebecca Barnes | UK

Title: Senior Research Fellow

Company: University of Bristol

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Rebecca Barnes is a Senior Research Fellow in Applied Conversation Analysis (CA) at the Centre for Academic Primary Care, University of Bristol. 

Her work is in the field of communication in primary healthcare, conducting extensive studies on a range of areas related to healthcare encounters .She is currently co-leading a study of antibiotic prescribing in UK out-of-hours primary care, where the main output will be evidence-based practitioner training resources. 

Additionally, Rebecca is currently working on a CA-grounded fidelity assessment of an e-cigarette intervention for hardcore smokers with chronic disease in the Oxford-led MaSC trial. She recently published a review of CA studies of doctor-patient interaction. 

She disseminates the results from her work through a range of other media including video stories, blogging and tweeting. In June, she participated in a BBC Radio 4 documentary with Dr Margaret McCartney, providing insight into the art of GP consultation.

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