Ritchie Brett | UK

Ritchie Brett | UK

Title: Strategist

Company: 383 Project

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Fit for the Future: How big companies can succeed in an era of changing customers, competitors, and technology.


  • The new fundamentals - What is this new world we're living in and why is it causing legacy organisations such a headache.
  • Changing customers - what are the expectations of today's customer and how can we respond?
  • Changing competitors - who are the emerging disruptors in our sectors and how are they better serving those customers?
  • Changing technology - what technology will enable us to meet underserved customer needs and respond to shifting competitor sets?
  • What next - what should our ambition be and what tools do we need to do to get fit for the future?

Value to the audience

Following the talk, we’ll be holding a short, 45-minute workshop to help attendees understand their capabilities in the near, mid and long-term against their strategic pillars. Along with Peter Honnor, 383 Head of Strategy, attendees will gain an understanding of what they should be doing to survive in this new world..

About the speaker

At 383, Ritchie helps large organisations to get fit for the future. He’s worked with many large corporates including Hilton Hotels, the AA and Eon, developing new revenue streams, creating innovative propositions and designing the best possible customer experiences. Ritchie is driven by a desire to find elegantly simple solutions to complex problems.

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