Robin Pullen | South Africa

Robin Pullen | South Africa

Title: Event Chair

Company: Get Activated!

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Robin Pullen is actively engaged in his mission to empower 10 Million People in the next Ten Years, so that they can discover that everything they need for success and significance already lies within their reach.

At 15 he suffered a boating accident on the foreshore of Hartbeespoort Dam in the foothills of the Magaliesberg mountain range. Suffering a severe injury with a cut right through his calf muscle the attending doctor told him he would not be able to run normally again. Two years later he was back on his feet and competing in the prestigious Premier Hockey League, playing for his High School Old Boys Club men’s senior side, while still a grade eleven scholar at school.

I can still remember the look on his face when I literally bumped into my physiotherapist on the basketball court at campus. At first all he could do was stare. Then after what felt like a few minutes he said it was like looking at a ghost. That I shouldn’t be able to run like this, never mind be playing such an aggressive sport out there on the court.

At 30 he co-founded his first company and was told his training and development methods could not be done, and that the business model would never work. Less than two years later they had acquired their first of many international clients and he grew their business in staff and revenue over the next two months to more than what they had achieved in the previous two years combined.

Robin is considered a thought leader and behavior management expert who practices as a professional speaker and has worked with more than 100’000 people, all before he turned 40. As a trusted business advisor and executive business coach his clients have taken him with them into 9 countries across the African continent. His learning materials and training products have been translated into 13 languages including French, Malagasy, Mandarin and Swahili.

Today he has been described as an ‘understander’ of people. He knows why leaders get disconnected, why cultures remain divided and why people do not do what they say they would do.

He has created a pragmatic solution for organizational behavior change based on social science called the Positive Conscious Contract system. This simple solution enables a connected business environment where the systems work and the use of resources are optimized.

Robin Pullen facts

  • Radio presenter - TUKS FM (Pretoria) and LINK FM (East London).
  • Songwriter - finalist in the first local songwriter competition on LINK Fm community radio broadcaster, East London Eastern Cape.
  • Performer of physical theatre (industrial theatre) performer and producer
  • Playwright - written and produced 13 industrial theatre productions
  • Training materials translated in Chinese (Mandarin), French, Malagasy, Sotho, ki Swahili, isi Xhosa and isi Zulu.
  • The first The Dynamic Trainer TM trained in Africa by Laurie Kagan from Kagan Publishing and Professional Development.
  • TEDx Speaker - TEDx Pretoria, November 2014.
  • National President 2015, Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.